An education at BrainTree is an education for life. We believe that high standards are important both inside and outside the classroom, and we set great standards by the development of good manners, self -discipline and consideration for others. At BrainTree we accommodate children of all abilities. Our goal is to ensure that every pupil gives of his or her best and we achieve this through small class size, usually 25-30 pupils, and close monitoring of pupil progress. All of our children are grouped specifically by age in order to meet the social, academic, and emotional needs of that particular age group.


Our goal in education is to provide every child with the opportunity to develop holistically and maximise his or her potential. We offer customised learning such as balanced and challenging Assessment, Values in Action as part of community service. We also offer a variety of programmes to develop the varied interests and abilities of their students.

Co-curricular Activities

ENVIRONMENT CLUB - Students are sensitized about the environmental problems through a wide range of activities like tree plantation campaign, exhibitions, recycling of unused things (JUGAAD) etc. The environment club has select members from classes VI-IX who care and get enthusiastically involved in environmental activities. The club is constantly involved in creating awareness of the new techniques to make the school eco-friendly and strengthen the efforts towards sustainable development.

DRAMATIC CLUB - Theatre is much more than merely performing on stage, it is about understanding the very essence of this stage called life and the hearts of all those who perform each day. The club endeavours to bring out the latent talent inherent in all students by sensitizing members to social causes through 'Nukkad Natak' and skits and by participation in innumerable inter- house and inter-school competitions bringing laurels to the institution.

DEBATING CLUB - It is a club for the for grades VI-IX trying to carve a niche in the battle of wits and words. The club is a walking think-tank, abreast with the latest styles and different formats of debating. Frequent workshops are held to familiarize the students with the ever changing format of debates and hone their public speaking skills.

INTERACT CLUB - The Interact Club has select members from Class VI-IX. It embodies the philosophy to help make a difference in society. Our endeavours include, visits to old age homes and orphanages, holding drives to collect clothes, toys, books for the not so lucky friends in society. We take pride in giving back to society and find satisfaction in service to others.

QUIZ CLUB - The mission of the quiz club is to encourage & empower young minds towards innovative alternate thinking & the quest for excellence. The main objective of the club is to increase the level of general awareness amongst the student community vis-a-vis Science, Literature, Technology and Current Affairs outside the realm of the formal syllabus, and to promote their quizzing ability. The club conducts various inter-house quizzes throughout the year for honing the quizzing skills of our students.

ART AND CRAFT - This subject introduces children to a range of intellectual and practical skills as well as helps them to learn the use of deferent tool, materials and machines. It provides children an opportunity to think imaginatively and creatively and even develop confidence in other subjects too. More over it works as a therapy that can yield life long benefits in health and well being. Children may find it enjoyable, motivating and helping to develop positive attitude to school and life beyond formal education.


  • Cooking without Fire
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Photography
  • Gardening
  • Social Work